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Brown rice sushi perfection

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It's taken me some time to get this recipe out, because I wanted to perfect white rice sushi before tinkering with a traditional dish for nutritional gain. In retrospect, I...

Strawberry chocolate Christmas tart w. ginger spiced crust

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Need a show-stopper dessert this Christmas? Look no further. It's rich, yet won't sit heavily. It's delicately flavoured but not sickly sweet. And best of all? It's frozen. Making it...

Super seeds + bonus sunflower butter recipe

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Sick of nuts? Or just plain anaphylactic to them? These seeds are just the solution you're taste buds have been looking for. Nutritionally - seeds are similar to nuts, so...


An account of the difficult years

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Words by Steph Cronin | Accredited Sports Dietitian | Competitive Swimmer | 5 minute read Being a competitive athlete from a young age has been bittersweet. There was a lot...

How not to eat on the bike!

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Words by Kirrily Tutt | Accredited Sports Dietitian | Racing Club Brisbane Elite Women Cyclist | 5 minute read Given the popularity of "how not to do recovery!" we thought...

The Gut-Brain Axis: is your gut microbiome responsible for your mood?

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By Ali Disher | Advanced Sports Dietitian | 5 minute read We’ve all had ‘butterflies’, or a ‘gut feeling’. Some have even had pre-race nerves that render us unable to…

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