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Choc-spiced oat bars_

Choc-Spiced Oat Bars

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Ingredients 9 Fresh Medjool dates (~130g) 1⅓ cups dried apricots (140g) 2tsp cinnamon 150g oats Juice + pulp of 1 large orange (~170g) 30g extra virgin olive oil 60g roasted…


Winter-Warmer Spiced Milk

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Ingredients 200mL milk 1 tsp honey A dash or more of nutmeg, cinnamon & vanilla Additional water as needed Directions Stovetop: add all ingredients to a small saucepan and stir continuously….

Blackbean Patties

Black Bean & Chilli Patties

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Ingredients ●    4 cloves garlic ●    1 small white onion ●    2 ounces fire roasted diced green chillies ●    1 red capsicum ●    1 large carrot...



The Forgotten Supplement, SLEEP

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By Andrew Hall When chasing health and performance improvements, staying up well after dark, neglecting sleep, scrolling through pages of #instafood and #motivationalmemes makes about as much sense as using...
Returning from Injury? Here is what you need to know if you are an athlete...

Injury Return Nutrition

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By Andrew Hall Did you know that it takes three times more energy to cover the same distance on crutches as it does compared to walking normally? If you have...

How not to do recovery!

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by Sally Garrard Here I am, doubled over, feeling horribly UN-fit, after doing what should have been a punchy energized tempo run. I am not unfit, not sick, and I…

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