Apple to Zucchini

Sport & Performance Nutrition Specialists

At Apple To Zucchini our team offers a range of services including;

  • One on one consultations
  • Online/ phone consultations (telehealth rebates available)
  • Online & in-person programs
  • Workshops & seminars


We have worked with some of Australia’s elite performers

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Sports Nutrition

Get the edge on your competitors

We create individualised nutritional plans that will enhance your sporting performance. We have worked with Australia's elite athletes and bring decades of knowledge into developing all of our programs.

Weight Management

Long term sustainable results

Reaching a goal weight can be a challenging process. With decades of knowledge and experience our team of experts will guide you through this process allowing you to reach and sustain your goal weight.

Disordered Eating

Normalise your eating behaviours

We work closely with you to normalise eating behaviours. Our team has done extensive training in this area to ensure you get effective outcomes. Our goal is for you to be in any given eating situation & you feel confident that you can manage yourself well.