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Granola-spice bars

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!! Warning !! If you find pepper a bit spicy, then tone down the mixed-spice or leave it out completely. These are ideal kept in the freezer as a pre-training...

Apricot bites

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Totally an old-school favourite you find kids munching on everywhere. But the ones you get in the “health food aisle” are about HALF added/processed sugar. That is NOT a nutritious food!…

Plant-based lamb shanks

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On days off, this is an incredibly easy meal to get going, and makes for minimal washing up after eating. I’ve used lentils and the veggies I had available in…


The Gut-Brain Axis: is your gut microbiome responsible for your mood?

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By Ali Disher | Advanced Sports Dietitian | 5 minute read We’ve all had ‘butterflies’, or a ‘gut feeling’. Some have even had pre-race nerves that render us unable to…

Gut training – sign up here!

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By Steph Cronin | Accredited Sports Dietitian | 4 minute read “Gels just don’t agree with me” “Oh, I always vomit in a race, that’s normal for me” “I have every…

Fast food for athletes

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5 minute read | by Sally Garrard | Advanced Sports Dietitian A few weeks ago, an athlete sent me a photo of the inside of his car…every possible space that…

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