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Choc-spiced oat bars_

Choc-Spiced Oat Bars

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Ingredients 9 Fresh Medjool dates (~130g) 1⅓ cups dried apricots (140g) 2tsp cinnamon 150g oats Juice + pulp of 1 large orange (~170g) 30g extra virgin olive oil 60g roasted…


Winter-Warmer Spiced Milk

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Ingredients 200mL milk 1 tsp honey A dash or more of nutmeg, cinnamon & vanilla Additional water as needed Directions Stovetop: add all ingredients to a small saucepan and stir continuously….

Blackbean Patties

Black Bean & Chilli Patties

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Ingredients ●    4 cloves garlic ●    1 small white onion ●    2 ounces fire roasted diced green chillies ●    1 red capsicum ●    1 large carrot...



How not to do recovery!

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by Sally Garrard Here I am, doubled over, feeling horribly UN-fit, after doing what should have been a punchy energized tempo run. I am not unfit, not sick, and I…


What a Cheeseburger Taught Me About Running Nutrition…

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by Fiona Mann Perhaps hard to believe, but I learnt one of the most valuable lessons in my running career from the good old Maccas cheeseburger. It was about the…



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by Sally Garrard Did you know you have a SEASONAL variation in body fat levels? Even if you are someone who holds a relatively stable* body weight, we know that in…

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