Apple to Zucchini “Complete to Stage” Nutrition Preparation Package for Natural Bodybuilding/Figure Sculpting/Sports & Fitness Model competitors (20 weeks)

One passionate avenue of Apple to Zucchini is our specialty in natural bodybuilding/figure sculpting preparation for male and female athletes with a desire to excel their training and take onboard a personal challenge to step on stage competitively. Regardless of whether you wish to compete in your first competition or you are an experienced competitor, Apple to Zucchini will strive to take your physique to the next level for your upcoming event.


Initial Assessment ($275.00) + 10 x reviews ($92) + peak week plan ($217)

Total = $1,412.00

Initial Assessment

20 weeks out from comp date (minimum)

Review Schedule (weeks out from competition date)

Week 18, Week 16, Week 14, Week 12, Week 10, Week 8, Week 6, Week 4, Week 3, Week 2, then Peak Week (inc. comp day nutrition)

A prescriptive and meticulous individual nutrition program will be developed in order for you to reach your best possible body composition for your event. We offer support throughout the entire preparation phase and we are dedicated to guiding you toward achieving peak condition. It is also our utmost priority you remain in as healthy a physical state throughout your journey.

We appreciate your goal and understand the demands of your sport and will guide you as best as possible to your final comp day, but we have a vested interest as qualified nutrition professionals in your wellbeing, where we believe this is compromised we will inform you of the risk of unsafe competition preparation – hence the reason we start your preparation early to ensure you have enough time to manipulate your body composition safely.

Apple to Zucchini “Complete to Stage” Nutrition Preparation Package (20 weeks) includes:


Initial Assessment

  • 20 weeks prior to competition date (this is a minimum, before this is preferable however)

11 Review appointments

  • 10 x 30min in clinic review consultations plus the all-important final review for peak week/comp day presence and final touches

Unlimited communication via phone/pictures/email the night before and day of competing

  • Body composition analysis
  • fat-free mass & body fat calculated; 12 weight, girth & seven site ISAK Accredited skinfold assessments

Individualised prescriptive nutrition plan based on assessment results and goals

Meal plan revision and alterations based on body composition results each review session where necessary

Supplementation nutrition plan

Cardiovascular exercise guidance to complement meal plan. NB. Due to time constraints, we are unable to offer you specific training programs in the way of resistance training – we are however happy to interpret resistance training programs and willing to open discussion with your trainer if necessary.

Compulsory posing, tanning and suitable category advice NB. We cannot cover your compulsory poses/routines in our sessions – you will require a posing coach specifically for this, we can refer to suitable persons qualified in doing so.

Final week nutrition preparation incorporating prescriptive carbohydrate loading and depletion and safe fluid and electrolyte manipulation if necessary.

Assistance on competition day where required NB. you will need a backstage helper to assist your tanning and ‘pumping up’ – depending on how many competitors we are prepping, this is impossible for 1 person to do! So please have this organised, any questions in relation to condition, food, fluid, timing we are completely available to you on the day.

Constant guidance & support throughout your entire preparation…at times we are the closest people to understand what you are going through physically but also mentally! Our aim is to alleviate any stress, guesswork and hassle for you as a competitor to ensure your contest preparation fits smoothly into your lifestyle and remains on track toward reaching your goals on competition day.