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Package details

Your Dadbods keg nutrition package ties in neatly with the challenge. Over the challenge, your very own sports dietitian will tailor advice to your lifestyle and training.

The big ticket items we will cover  are:

Week 1: WHAT TO EAT! We kick off with a crash course in label-reading. In no time you’ll be wowing your kids and partners with the nutritious choices you sneak into the trolley!

Week 3: TRAVEL + LONG LUNCHES: Airports, hotels, long lunches, eating out, buffets…we arm you with the tips + tricks to make the most of these scenarios. And no, we don’t mean advice on how to sneak the chorizo out via your laptop bag…

Week 5: FROM KEGS TO 6-PACKS: This session we will bust a few myths around what is best to drink. And is it possible to get lean while still drinking? And what about how to avoid the hangover? And the most serious of dilemmas…NY slice, a kebab or Maccas?

Week 7: CRUISE THE AISLES: An absolute highlight session, not to be missed! Your sports dietitian will take you on a supermarket tour where you will learn things about nutrition that you didn’t know you didn’t know…

Week 9: SPORT / LIFE NUTRITION: Flag with us what is most important – learning more about what to eat around training or sport? Or nutrition for a particular health condition, or longevity!

All sessions are 30mins, with the exception of the supermarket tour which is 60mins. All sessions are eligible for private health care rebates – check with your provider that you have cover for dietetic services. We will give you a receipt at the end of the challenge so you can claim your $$ back 🙂