Want to maximise your swimming performance?

You spend hours in the pool each week, followed by hours of stretching, massage and then rest. But are you missing one of the most important aspects of performance? Are you supporting your training load with optimal nutrition?    

Steph Cronin is an Accredited Sports Dietitian and specialises in swimming nutrition. Steph can help you maximise your swimming performance through individualised nutrition advice, support and meal plans.

What can Steph help you with?

  • Optimal pre-training nutrition to fuel your muscles during high intensity sessions
  • Optimal recovery nutrition to minimise fatigue, muscle soreness and allow you to back up for the next intense session
  • Body composition manipulation to ensure you are lean but strong in the water
  • Immunity support to reduce colds & flus throughout the entire year
  • Increase energy levels so you aren’t falling asleep at school, university or work
  • Race day nutrition to ensure you are performing at your potential, race after race, day after day 
  • …and everything in between!

Steph offers face-to-face consultations or Skype and phone consultations for athletes of all ages and performance levels!