Sweat analysis testing & race nutrition plan


This package not only provides you with your sweat electrolyte data, but we also take that data and write your PERSONALISED race nutrition plan, based on your results. Further, we also do a hydration test – so you will need to come armed with a pee sample (further instructions once you commit!) This is invaluable indicator of how well you rehydrate from a training day.

Separately, these services are $199 for sweat analysis, and $187 for a race nutrition plan – so great value when packaged up. This session is rebatable on private health if you have dietetics cover; claims can be made using the receipt issued on the day.

Who would benefit from this testing? Those who are…

  •  Heavy sweaters, or get large weight losses in training.
  •  Training for endurance events (marathon/70.3 and longer).
  •  Keen to rule out nutrition as a cause for cramping.
  •  Keen to optimise training + event hydration.
  •  Keen to minimise gut troubles.
  •  Keen to push fatigue as far away as possible

All sessions start 5:30am sharp (arrive 5:15am) unless stated otherwise, for a minimum 1hr smart-trainer ride (we can accommodate longer sessions should your training program call for it). We can also accommodate running sessions, however please be aware it can be quite disjointed due to the returns back required (sometimes multiple times for heavy sweaters) to check on sweat patches.

NOTE: Cut off date for registration is 10 days prior to testing.
Next test date: 5:15am Thursday, 6th June 2019 – on the balcony of Shoes Feet Gear (Paddington)
If you have questions, get in touch with Sally sally@appletozucchini.com.au