The Metabolic Method | Discount w. upfront payment (save $166.50)


Our Metabolic Method Package can be completed entirely online (via Skype) or phone/email, or in-person for those living locally to our clinics

  • Comprehensive dietary assessment
  • Body composition analysis via skinfold measures + anthropometric measures appropriate to your goals
  • Prescriptive meal plan, customised to your preferences + goals
  • Intensive block for 5 weeks where we see you weekly
  • Food diary reviews + meal plan adjustments made as needed in your journey
  • Shopping tour with your nutrition coach
  • Café meal with your nutrition coach
  • Consultations with the same nutrition practitioner for the entirety of your program

For the finer details, terms + conditions of the package, click here

NB. Initial payment varies by practitioner, and is payable at the first session, where you have been/will be able to claim your HICAPS rebate on the spot.


Product Description

The Metabolic Method has been designed for a person who…

  • Has tried many diets in the past, and find that each time they go back, they get diminishing returns
  • Is fed-up with not achieving a long-lasting result, and…
  • Is keen to address the behavioural aspects of their nutrition choices, and create long-lasting wellness, and a healthy relationship with food.

Best suited to…

  • Those who are looking to lose more than 5kg
  • Couples or parents who want to get healthy again
  • Busy corporates who may travel or eat out a lot with work
  • Women with thyroid issues, menopausal symptoms, and low mood
  • Those looking to improve mental and general wellness through optimal gut health