Advanced Sports Dietitian | Accredited Practising Dietitian | Exercise Scientist | Level 1 Anthropometrist


  • Bachelor of Exercise Science
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Hons)
  • Master of Dietetics Studies
  • SDA – Advanced Sports Dietitian
  • DAA – Accredited Practicing Dietitian & Accredited Nutritionist
  • Level 1 Anthropometrist

Ali is an Advanced Sports Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist, with a Master of Philosophy in sports nutrition and hydration. Ali is Swimming Australia’s Performance Nutrition Lead and she also consults to the Queensland Academy of Sport, Queensland Rugby League, as well as having previously worked at the Australian Institute of Sport. Ali is Chair of the Education arm of Sports Dietitians Australia, and recently finished ten years lecturing and supervising practicum placements for QUT’s School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences.

Worked with:

  • Queensland Academy of Sport
  • Swimming Australia
  • Australian Institute of Sport
  • QUT placement coordinator



  • Endurance and ultra-endurance
  • Adolescents and young adults
  • Behavioural nutrition
  • Meeting high energy demands
  • Optimising body composition
  • Low Energy Availability & REDs
  • Injury management

Two things I can’t live without are:
… music and sunshine

9am on a Sunday morning, and I am:
sipping coffee, reading a book in the park by the creek with the dog

My favourite training session is:
dusk run by the river

Tea or coffee?
coffee in the morning, tea at night

Most recent hobby I’ve acquired
learning to ride a motorbike!

My last meal would be:
Beccofino’s duck ragu with a good glass of red

My nutrition philosophy:
… take time to enjoy and celebrate food – where it’s come from, how it can change the way you feel, and the way it brings people together. There’s a place for fuelling performance just as much as there’s a place for soul food!