Prep to Stage Competitor | Discount w. upfront payment (save $166.50)


Our Prep to Stage Package can be completed entirely online (via Skype), phone/email, or in-person for those living locally to our clinics

  • Comprehensive dietary assessment – 20 weeks out
  • Body composition analysis via ISAK skinfold measures + anthropometric measures. If you are a remote client we will liaise with your trainer for the best management of this.
  • Prescriptive and restrictive meal plan, customised to your preferences
  • Prep phase supplementation plan
  • Meal plan revisions + alterations based on body composition results each review session as required
  • Guidance from the same nutrition coach throughout your prep, along with access to our brains trust of physique sports nutrition experts should tricky situations arise!
  • Peak week nutrition plan
  • Unlimited communication via phone / photos / email the night before and the day of competing
  • Most importantly – post-comp debrief. This is an extended session to analyse your comp day, and also to plan for your future focus in training (i.e. life!)

For the finer details, terms + conditions of the package, click here

NB. Initial payment varies by practitioner, and is payable at the first session, where you have been/will be able to claim your HICAPS rebate on the spot.