“I wasn’t feeling well in the first half. I felt down, man. I had three slices of pizza before the game and the food took me down.”
– Leroy Loggins, basketballer with the Brisbane Bullets after 1986 semi-final

We create an individualised training plan that will optimise your performance. Based on this, we develop your optimal competition nutrition plan. Again, your plan is individualised for YOU; we give you plenty of options, using a combination of real food & sports foods. We can also look at which supplements best suit you & how to use these strategically to enhance your performance. We are not sponsored by any sports nutrition/supplement companies, so our advice is unbiased, and ‘marketing/hype’ free!

  • Fat loss for performance
  • Lean muscle gain plans
  • Body Building/sculpting plans – prep for competition
  • Race nutrition plans & pre-competition eating
  • Supplement use & advice
  • Advice for cramping/hydration issues
  • Sweat analysis testing