Accredited Sports Dietitian |Accredited Practising Dietitian | Level 1 Anthropometrist | Competitive Figure Skating Coach & Choreographer


  • Accredited Sports Dietitian
  • Accredited Practicing Dietitian
  • Level 1 ISAK Anthropometrist
  • Master of Dietetics Studies
  • Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition Science
  • Level 2 (International) APSA Figure Skating Coach

Emilia boasts a lifelong immersion in the world of ice figure skating, having navigated a distinguished competitive career representing Australia at numerous international events, including multiple World Junior Championships. Her journey spans from dazzling performances in professional shows around the globe to her current role as a coach for aspiring figure skaters on the State, National, and international stages.

Drawing from her rich experiences as both a seasoned skater and a dedicated coach, Emilia has cultivated a profound passion for sports nutrition. Her expertise extends to its pivotal role in enhancing performance, manipulating body composition, fostering positive body image, preventing injuries, and ensuring the longevity of sports careers—all while prioritising optimal health and development.

Emilia’s comprehensive understanding of the physical and aesthetic demands of sports is complemented by her innate insight into the unique challenges faced by adolescent athletes. Moreover, her keen interest extends to the specialised needs of winter and mountain sport athletes, encompassing non-traditional pursuits like multi-day trekking, ski-touring, and mountaineering.

Guided by an evidence-based approach, Emilia tailors her strategies to each individual client, striving to propel athletes toward their performance potential while simultaneously fostering healthy growth and development, both in mind and body.

Worked with:

  • Ice Skating Australia
  • Ice Skating Queensland
  • Silver Blades Figure Skating Club


  • Early specialisation sports – Adolescents and young adult athletes
  • Aesthetic sports
  • Winter sports
  • Multi-day treks, adventures, and expeditions
  • Optimising body composition for performance
  • Periodising nutrition to energy demands
  • Injury management

Two things I can’t live without are:
…mountains and travel (well and snow & ice) 

9am on a Sunday morning, and I am:
… somewhere outside hiking, entertaining my dog or out for breakfast.

My favourite training session is:
…love a high-intensity session, one that really kicks your butt.

Tea or coffee?
… coffee all the way but do love a good lemongrass & ginger tea.

Most recent hobby I’ve acquired
… dabbling in (very beginner) mountaineering!

My last meal would be:
…Hmm so many come to mind, but a meal centred around a lightly grilled salmon fillet with a glass of French red, and raspberries for dessert.

One thing I wish everyone in the world could know about nutrition is: Labelling foods into categories such as ‘bad’ and ‘good’ doesn’t look at its function or purpose. A food that is not useful in one scenario or for one individual may be a great choice in another scenario or for another person. Nutrition is individual and there is no one right way to achieve the ones goals.

My nutrition philosophy:
Food can hold so many purposes, be it performance, social, tradition, cultural, and so on, but its role in health lies mutually alongside with all its other roles.

I believe in harnessing a food-first approach, wholefoods approach whenever possible, not only for its immediate nutritional benefits but also as a foundation for cultivating lifelong healthy eating habits.